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Benefits of Singing

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1. Singing as a natural anti-depressant

Feeling low? Start singing your heart out, even though your neighbor wouldn’t wish that. You are bound to get that feel good factor within a while. Because singing releases endorphins, also known as happy hormone that immediately makes you feel better.

2. Singing strengthens the immune system

An hour of singing everyday can actually help you get rid of various ailments.It takes strain off your immune system and thus respond to the various changes in the surrounding pretty well. It also helps cancer patients to respond to medications properly and prevent tumors from returning.

3. Singing lowers stress levels

Singing helps to release certain brain chemicals that increases oxygen intake and improves blood circulation, thereby reducing stress. It even clears sinuses.

4. Singing is a workout

How about a little groove while your favorite playlist is on? Sounds quite energizing, doesn’t it? Singing is also a form of workout for those who are suffering from tumor or cyst in throat.

5. Singing improves your posture

While singing you should always stand or sit erect so that you can breathe in and breathe out at ease. This helps to improve your posture as well.

6. Singing helps in sleep

Singing or listening to songs brings peace of mind that helps to get a good sleep. Singing is also used as a treatment for snoring and sleep apnea, because while singing the target muscles and flabby tissues get strengthened.

7. Singing improves memory

Research studies have found that singing helps to improve memory, thinking and analyzing ability. It is used as a treatment for people suffering from dementia. It has also been found that mentally retarded children respond more to music than any other stimulus.

8. Singing can widen your circle of friends

Almost every person in this world, whether they themselves know how to sing or not, loves listening to music. Thus singing helps to widen your group of associations in a great way.


9. Singing boosts your confidence

Any kind of performance, be it singing, dancing etc requires high level of confidence. Studies have proved that singing helps to boost up confidence to a high level.

10. Singing in group is a teamwork

Singing in chorus needs a lot of co-ordination. Hence it also teaches us a lot about teamwork.

11. Turn your passion into profession

You have always dreamt of being a singer haven’t you? Well presently many mobile apps have come up to make your dream true. All you need to do is just sign up and start singing. If you work really hard, you are bound to get recognized one day.